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Why us?

☘️ Because we always diversify.

We will never offer pre-set packages that can be suitable for all companies. We will always tailor our service on your company after having understood all your needs.

☘️ Because we fall in love with every project.

We see in the actions that we do the birth of a small creature of ours, and this pushes us to pay meticulous attention to every single work that companies entrust us.

☘️ Because we trained "on the field".

Our approach to work is not only theoretical, but highly practical. All the collaborators have covered important roles in companies in line with their sector.

☘️ Because we strongly believe in training.

All our courses are aimed at business growth, where few, but the right notions, are enough to improve productivity and save time and money.

☘️ Because we are open 24/24, 7/7.

Everyone has urgencies. We never leave - and we will never leave - a customer of ours to wait. We always reply to emails during the day. Even on Saturdays. Even on Sundays.

☘️ Because we are passionate about our job.

Marketing and communication go beyond work for us, they are lifestyles. In our projects and courses we always try to transfer our passion to our customers. Passion is contagious!

☘️ Because we speak exclusively to SMEs and freelancers.

It is not always possible to have an internal marketing department. We offer ourselves as an outsourcing alternative to save time and money.




Born and raised in Piacenza in 1984, graduated in written and hypertext information sciences and specialized in Marketing, he has been involved in strategic and operational marketing for more than 10 years. After years of experience as a marketing manager in some companies, in 2017 he made the decision to become a freelance consultant to closely follow several companies and propose his own marketing idea. His constantly evolving training made stops in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Australia before returning to the Piacenza base, where he still lives today. Strongly convinced that no two companies are alike - even if they belong to the same sector - before accepting a job he always meets the counterpart in person to understand the needs and create something unique and, precisely, tailor-made. The services he offers, from the creation of institutional websites to newsletters, from marketing management to training, in addition to improving business efficiency, always have the aim of transmitting passion and making people understand the importance of marketing today. His recurring sentence is "I managed to make a beautiful job out of my passion". Lorenzo has wonderful collaborators to offer even more services and give a complete package to all companies and freelancers who want to bring marketing into their business and always keep up with the times.

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