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Company representation


The corporate representation service offered consists in representing and acting on behalf of companies all over the world at trade fairs, events, B2B meetings and visits to clients. The service is for all those companies that would like to be personally present at these appointments, but which for various reasons (lack of time, lack of staff, lack of language, inability to employ internal staff, etc ...) are unable to travel.

The service does not consist only in the presence, but begins with a phase of strong preparation: behaving during any type of event mentioned above exactly as if we were inside the represented company, before the trip we study the company and the products, the company dynamics, the catalogs and history (very important as many customers often ask about the company's path and how it is composed even before asking questions about the product).


During the meetings we do not limit ourselves to distributing business cards, flyers or catalogs, but what we offer is a highly operational support. Thanks to the study of the companies represented before the events we can offer to potential customers important information and write down as many details as possible. We don't only take basic information, but we establish a dialogue and note all the information of the conversations held and what the person in front of us may need: if he wants to be contacted, if he wants a visit, if he wants more details from the parent company, if he has urgent needs, if he is dealer and so on.

"We have been collaborating with Lorenzo Sgorbani since 2017 for the experience shown in communication, event organization and deadline management. We collaborate in particular with him as regards the representation for events in Italy and abroad, where he always carries the brand of the 3 PDOs from Piacenza all over the world. Thank you! "


General Secretary of the Piacentini PDO Salami Consortium

At the end of the event we will prepare a detailed excel file with all the contact information taken to facilitate companies in cataloging the data received. In addition to the report that will be carried out verbally in person in the company, we will draw up a general report on how the event went to give a general overview, with opinions and useful advice.

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